Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sweet Sweet Salad!

Today spearheaded one of the crowning achievements of this move... We bought our first furniture! Early this morning we set out to a lovely community in south Vegas. It was completely gates, needing clearance to even get through the front. We made our way down the small street, and stopped in front of a lovely home, very fancy! We paid the lady our money, and put our newest furniture into Carrie's car.... a patio set! 4 chairs and a small round table, just perfect for us! We officially have something to sit on in our apartment, and a table to eat at! Two of the chairs are out on the patio, which was great tonight when we sat out there and enjoyed the lights and evening air.

After our pickup, we ran a few errands. We went to Sam's Club for some pet essentials, but not before stopping at one of the coolest places I have seen so far... The Sweet Tomato! Its a salad bar restaurant. You walk in and pick up a plate right when you walk in. You make your salad, and pay at the end. The salad green were very fresh, and so good!!! I definitely liked this place.

Another bit of new information, I have an interview on Thursday to become a loan officer! First interview since being here, so I am really nervous! I hope I am qualified!

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  1. Good Luck Bryon!!! I will be sending good vibes that you get the job!