Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blue's Original Bar-B-Q

Tonight we are checking out a new Barbecue joint behind the Galleria mall in Henderson. At first the service is a bit poor. We waited about 10 minutes just to get a drink order. I ordered the Strawberry Martini, but when it came out, it was the Strawberries and Creme, which comes in a chocolate laced glass. This drink is OK, but chocolate before barbecue is just not gonna happen. After my drink was fixed, our waiter forgot our food order, and we had to order all over again! Thank goodness he got us; a more stuck up group of people would probably caused a scene.

Eventually, our food did arrive. The garlic mashed potatoes were pretty good, but that was about it. I ordered the brisket. It would be wrong to say that the food was bad. It is more accurate to say the food was mediocre at best. Overall, I do not feel we will be going back to that restaurant, at least not until they get a following.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Life Changes

It is amazing to me how quickly some things happen here in Vegas. On Wednesday, I walked into work as normal. I clocked in, and my boss called me to the back room... His incredibly long speech went over items like how to treat employees, staying calm, and adapting to new managers. In my mind, I thought this was simply a checkpoint speech, to see where I was, and what was next. Come to find out, this was not the case..

And I quote:
"...and why and I telling you all of this Bryon? Because as of Sunday [yes, as in, 4 days away...] you will no longer be working at 600 [current store location]. You will be 700's [notice a theme in the numbers?] new manager!"...

I must say I was quite shocked. First, 700 [new store location, just in case you weren't following] is not exactly the store I wanted. Its another 24 hour store. I was sort of hoping to not get a 24 hour store, since the hours and customer flow was better. Also, 700 [keeping up?] is further away than 600 was. Also, I was hoping I would have more than 4 days to prepare. But, alas, this was not the case. And so, it is Sunday, and I am waiting in the firefly (on paradise) parking lot, waiting Devin. We are having brunch before my first day. Quite nervous right now, but I did pick out an awesome outfit! Here's to rapid changes in life...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tuesday Night at Fremont

Tonight we decided to get together with some friends and hang out. We started the night out at Shobu, a great sushi place on Decatur and Twain. I got the Dragon Roll and Japanese Lasagna, which is always good.
Afterwards, we headed down to Fremont Street. We caught the 10pm canopy showing, then hung out at Mickie Finns around the outdoor fire pit! The moon watched over us, as to say, be happy and enjoy!

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Today we are having brunch at Firefly on Paradise and Flamingo, which features Tapas', mini appetizers that come together to form a meal! I ordered the Filet Minion mini sliders, which sounded good! Me and burgers... I swear its my Achilles heal!

Friday, January 29, 2010


It seems that life here in Vegas has began to quiet down a bit. It has been almost 6 months now, come the end of January, and looking back, it feels like we just got here, and also, like we’ve been here all our lives! One of the most prominent new developments in our lives, which may be the biggest downfall, is the ability to eat anything! Though many skeptics may disagree, I am pretty open to trying anything. I adore sushi, Mexican is now a favorite of mine, and Indian is a new curious adventure to be sought out! Food is everywhere here! Anything you can possibly wish to try or want, can be found in this city. I think that is why I love it here so much! I really have not found any restaurants that I did not enjoy. My favorites include In and Out, Jack in the Box, Osaka’s Japanese Steak House, Shobu, Roberto’s, Cardenas, and Sweet Tomato! I guess the only place I have found to have horrible food is Mo Mo Sushi, which was just that… Horrible..

In other news, I am being promoted at work, so I have started working day shifts to train for it. That means I wake up at 5am, am at work at 630am, and off work at 230ish. This is a major change in my life, so it has been hard to adjust! But, I am hoping that within a few weeks, I will be moved to a smaller store that does not open until 9ish, so I may have a few extra hours of sleep!

Also, it is now winter in Vegas, which means a light jacket, and some wind. From what I hear though, this has been a mild winter, which is perfectly fine for Carrie and me! Remembering winter’s past, I can hardly even imagine living in that type of environment again. I try to explain that to those who live here, but it sometimes falls on deaf ears. I guess they just need to experience that for themselves!