Friday, August 7, 2009

End of the first week!

And so its Friday, the end of our first week here. This week has gone quite slowly, but we have made a few advancements. I just got word this morning, while leaving from an interview, that I have a second interview for Koster's on Monday at 10am. Koster's is a cash loan business that offers signature loans to people who come in and apply. It could be a good job to have, and at least I would have some income! I wish the pay would be better, but maybe they will offer a different pay once I get through the second interview! This week has also seen our first furniture purchase, and some social networking. I have been trying to meet a few new friends to try and social network. So far, nothing has provided any resources for a new job, but new friends are always good! After my adventure down to Towne Square yesterday, I basically sat around the apartment and did nothing. Still loving the view from our balcony. The best entertainment in the world is the dirt racetrack outside our complex, in which we have a front seat view of! The best part about it... ITS FOR REMOTE CONTROL CARS!!! So, here's to one week down, and hoping for a better one next week!

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