Tuesday, August 11, 2009

MoMo, No No...

And so, I have the great pleasure of officially announcing that I have a job! I have been offered the jab at Koster's as a loan officer. I do not know when I will be starting, but it should be soon. I have simply waiting on the drug test to come back clean, which it will. This brings me to my newest restaurant review. In celebration of me getting a job, Carrie and I set out to find sushi. We landed on a place call MoMo Sushi, on Stephanie. We thought it looked to be a nice place. The inside looks very nice, but small. Its outside appearance does not match its inside appearance. Not to say that either were bad, but just different. We ordered the box meals, meaning your food came in a Japanese box that is portioned out in different sections. I felt this was kind of unique, and made for good presentation. Carrie ordered Teriyaki Salmon, and that came with a spring roll, deep fried shrimp, some deep fried veggies, and about 4 sushi rolls. I ordered the New York Steak Strip, and it had about the same as Carrie's, only with spicy salmon rolls. As elegant as this may (or may not) sound, the meal was not that good. The salmon in the sushi was mushy. Not a good mushy like sushi is suppose to be, but a bad sushi that makes sushi look bad! The steak was alright, but I've had better. Carrie was utterly upset about her meal. Her sushi was mushy as well, and her Salmon was not that good. The bill came to about $50, which just seemed outrageous for the amount of food we got, and the sushi we got. All in all, I don't think we will be returning. For a city that has sushi on every corner, we just happened to find the one that wasn't good!

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