Tuesday, August 4, 2009

First few days

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have arrived! We have been here since Saturday and already it feels like its been a week. Lets bring you all up to speed. On Saturday it seems we made it into town just in time! We successfully go to Turtle Creek and Gina, who was the lady we have been working with, got the papers ready for us to sign. She is a very friendly lady who is willing to help when she can! We got all in and let the dogs explore, and we had to set out to Walmart. A most terrible tragedy happened before we left Corry.... We couldn't take the coffee maker.... So, we had to buy a new one. An acquaintance that I found here in LV directed us to the Walmart on Boulder Highway, which seems to be about 5 miles up from us. We went at about 11pm, and let me tell you, we were not impressed. That Walmart had employees everywhere, yet none to help you find anything. Stuff was all over the isles, register lines were very long, and it seemed that no one cared! We did get our necessities *coffee, coffee maker, creamer* and left.

The next day, we used Google Maps to find another Walmart which is located on Sunset and Marks. This seems to be our favorite! We liked the people, the lines were not too long, and it seem that they had the items we wanted in stock! That was yesterday, which was Sunday. Last night we also had a dinner at Carrie's cousin's house up in Summerlin. Beautiful home, I will say! Odd neighborhood, but nice house! Her cousin made us a beef dish called Tri-tips, which I had never had before. It was very good! Of course, this was after we tried to salvage the Chicken and Bacon he turned into charcoal, literally, for an appetizer.

Today we did some exploring. We went back to Walmart for more items, and we also went to Kohl's, and TJ Max. We are trying to learn our way around the city as best and as quickly as we can. Its a slow progress, but we are doing it!

Job wise, I am a bit disappointed. I had an interview set up with Appleone, which is a temp agency here in Las Vegas. They called me Friday and discussed that they had no jobs for me, and cancelled the interview... So, I have set my goal to be 10 jobs a day that I apply for. So far, I have been able to reach this goal, but I'm afraid I might get bored and slack. Here's hoping I find a job soon.

Till next time!!!!

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