Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The exploration of Vegas!

This week brought about some celebration and adventure! To celebrate the starting of my new job, Carrie and I decided to find some sushi, to much disappointment. MoMo Sushi is not on our list of good food. But, this week did see the trial of two Mexican restaurants, Del Taco and El Pollo Locco. We had gotten a few good reviews about Del Taco, being as good as Taco Bell, in which we had in Erie. So, we ventured off to find a Del Taco, and again, we were disappointed. Small portions, small taco's, big price! Not something I truly would call a good meal. Now, El Pollo Locco, translated to mean The Chicken Crazy, is AWESOME!!! Love that place! I ordered 3 soft taco's, (used to ordering that at Taco Bell since they skimp on anything inside the taco) and I swear I couldn't keep the taco shut! It was so stuffed, I got full off one! Carrie got a burrito, and loved it. El Pollo Locco is on our good list for now! I also got to go to the Elephant Bar with a friend this week. That was a very nice restaurant if I must say, and our waitress was very pleasant and nice!

The greatest adventure of this week is our trip to Boulder Dam, otherwise known as the Hoover Dam! What a creation to behold... Its massive! We actually went down into the tunnels to tour the power plant. At one point we were in the tunnels that had the pipes that water flowing through them, and the room was vibrating from the rush! To see such a marvel is awesome!

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