Sunday, August 23, 2009

The feel of home!

One quickly learns the great differences between the East Coast and the West Coast. People seem friendlier here, more willing to help out. Work is much more relaxed, laid back, and easy going. Food here is different as well. The East Coast truly has no idea what Mexican food is here. I've been to several places here that are great! Qdoba, Chipolte, Guadalajara, and El Pollo Loco. Also, the desire for wings and pizza does not exist here! But tonight has seen the greatest place we have been! A place called Unique Pizza on Sunset and Stephanie. We ordered a small, and the pizza was more like a large! We thought it was a small fluke and maybe they messed up the order, but upon asking, we were informed that our pizza was the small!

The thing that was so great about Unique Pizza, is that it felt like home. It is a small Pizza join that has wings and beer, and the people were really friendly! We had the entire place laughing at the size of the pizza! Then a group of customers were so nice, they let us try two pieces of their wings so we could see if they were adequate enough, like those found on the East Coast. Actually, we didn't ask to try them, the lady insisted! It just had the feel of home for us, and because of that, we have deemed Unique Pizza our favorite restaurant so far in Vegas. Good pizza, good wings, good atmosphere!

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