Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Vacation Part 4

So, this trip down Vacation lane is taking a bit longer then I had originally expected. But, I continue to Thursday. Thursday we got up early and made arrangements to be taken to Fremont Street. Fremont Street is the old strip, and has many casino's on it. It is also the location of the large overhead awning that lights up and has a laser show on it. Sadly we did not get to see this, since it was the day time. During the day, Fremont Street really is not that interesting. Takes 10 minutes to walk the 'Strip', and then your done. A lot of souvenir shops, a gentleman's club, casino's. We stopped at one of the casinos and decided to try out the buffet. It cost around $8 and really was not worth bragging about. The set up of the seats was like those you see in the movies, but other then that, nothing exciting. The food was bland, and the service was too.

Once we arrived home, it was time to get ready for our big event! On Monday I went to the concierge of the resort and booked two tickets to see KA, Cirque Du Soleil's show at the MGM. We got all fancied up with Carrie in an amazing red and white dress, and I in a suit vest and tie. We set out to the monorail and it took us directly to the MGM. We arrived early, as we always like to do, and to kill time, we ate at the sushi restaurant inside called Shibuya. I can not recall what we ordered, or even try to pronounce it, but it was SO GOOD! Worth the money I paid for it!

So, it was show time! The show begins as your waiting to enter. The actors come out and line you up in front of the theater, and set the ground rules. No camera's, no cell phones, no screaming children. Check, check, and a definite check!!! We entered the theater to discover and enormous stage and seating arrangement! The stage is set all around you, and during the show, the actors walk the platforms and jump down into the crowd. The entire show was so cool! I have never been to a real show before, so I was excited this was my first. We definitely plan on seeing more!

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