Wednesday, July 29, 2009

To Corry with love, Goodbye

Its hard to imagine a time when I wished that I could move away from Corry and start a new life. Dreams of those days filled me with hope. I went to school in hopes of starting a good career that would take me away from this area. It seems as though for the past two years Carrie and I have been planning a move to where ever we could go. How we dreamed of places that actually have differ ant food to eat, or a place that had stores just down the road. I never would have imagined that the day would actually arrive. Tomorrow morning, I will pull away from Corry PA, and move to Las Vegas NV.

On this final night before my move, I look back at what has transpired over my life here in Corry. It is where I was born and raised. I never truly knew any of the locals until I began working at the Credit Union. All of the sudden, I know everyone. I felt like I was that guy that everyone just wanted to know and loved. Now I am leaving them all behind to go to a place where no one knows my name. I will miss Corry, which is hard for me to say. Corry has given me bad and good times. All of this is a memory that will stay in my mind. I tell you now Corry that you have given me my life, and I hope to leave you a better place. Goodbye to you all. All my friends and family, I love you.

And, to my new life in Vegas, I welcome you with open arms! A new Bryon is on the horizon, brimming to released!


  1. I was born in Corry too, but have not lived there since I was around 4-5 yrs old when my parents moved. One of my fond memories was going to Mead Park and catching my first fish. My Grand Father was a Dentist in Corry and I saw online that the Corry Historical Society had his dentist chair in their Corry Museum.

    Anyway all my memories of Corry are pleasant and I try to watch for news there. Hope your move to LV goes well. I live in AZ now.

    - Good Luck - Brad

  2. Well thank you Brad! I hope AZ is treating you well!