Monday, July 6, 2009

The Vacation, Part 1

Our vacation set off on Sat. June 6th, as we lunged into the air from Erie International Airport. Our trip took 12 hours, and 3 flights. When we arrived, we were greeted with hoards of people, bright lights, and a lack of moisture! It was so exciting!!! We were rushed from the airport to our condo. It was so nice! Summer Bay Desert Resort is AWESOME!!!! Great service, and an amazing set up. The room we stayed in was like an apartment, only nicer! Flat screen TVs on the walls in the bedrooms, and a full kitchen.

The night we arrived we immediately went out. I had been talking a few people through some chat rooms and we got on a list at one of the local clubs, Krave. By getting on the list, we avoided paying the $20 cover charge for out of towners. It was a great club, bigger then any I've seen! The music was great and the prices were reasonable. Drinks were around $5 a drink, but compared to drinks on the strip, that was cheap.

The next day we got to travel around the strip and the city by way of a personal friend. The scenery was incredible. The fact that the sun actually stayed out was a change in itself. We visited the Stratosphere, which was pretty neat. You can see the entire city from up there. Its great to see the contrast between the mountains and terrain to the city. Even seeing the strip looming over the rest of the city was awesome to see.

Sunday night I actually planned out a date, and I ate at a lovely Medditeratian restaurant. I had never had Medditeranian before, so it was new to me! I must say, very good! I would definately go back. Monday was the same with traveling around the city. We stopped at a place called In n Out burgers. That was REALLY GOOD, although I don't think I liked the way they handed out the orders. Calling your number into a crowd of people just isn't effective.

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