Monday, July 13, 2009

The Vacation, final.

Recalling the entirety of the vacation has taken some time, but we finally come to the end. The final days of the vacation fast. On Friday we went down to the strip and actually got to see one of the Bellagio's water shows from beginning to end. To see water shot up into the air with great force is amazing! You can hear the jets going off, and the water rushes upwards! I was awestruck! There are points in the show that just take your breath away seeing how the water dances in front of you.

Friday night I met up with another tourist and hung out at the hard rock hotel for a few hours. Seeing the city from that hotel is quite interesting. It is set well off the strip, and the walk to the strip takes about 30 minutes. This was not enjoyable, since I was walking alone. But, I did make my way back to the strip and got a few more drinks. I played some more slots, then went back to the room. Saturday was uneventful, preparing for the trip back home. We got food on the strip, took our nap, and at 8 o'clock, we set off to the airport to go home. I almost cried when we left. While waiting in the airport, we stopped and waited on of the bars in the concourse. We started talking to a retired airline pilot, and I even helped him use his wireless network card in his laptop to connect to the Internet.

Our time in Vegas truly changed us. Arriving home, we felt like we were missing a part of ourselves. Erie seemed so bland, dull, boring. The only enjoyable part was arriving back home, to my stuff and my dog Mara. It took a week for us to decide that we wanted to move to Vegas. The following weekend we put in our application to Turtle Creek. Again, it took some time, but we got approved, and we are now underway with packing up our lives and moving! Its amazing what all has to happen when you move across the country. You must filter through your life, get rid of objects you have acquired, weed out your cloths, and decide what is important and what you can buy when you move. Condensing your life into 4 boxes is a struggle, then realizing you have to drive 2 1/2 days across the country with only 4 boxes is slightly frightening! Here's hoping it all goes well!

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