Monday, July 20, 2009


And so, it is almost that time to lift my life up, and take it on over to Vegas. Being this close, one must question the reasons behind such a grand move. What is so attractive in Vegas that I wish to leave my stable job, leave my newly wed father, and to drive for 2 days....?

I think to even begin to answer this question, one must contemplate what is being offered here. To live in the Northwest Pennsylvania can be a bit, tiresome. The weather here is very unstable. Winter comes sooner than ever expected, and summer never seems to fully show up. I once heard a joke that went like this:

'The Four Seasons of Northwest PA'
Almost Winter
Still Winter
A true NW PA citizen understands this joke, and will agree to its suggestion. This past summer has been one of the worst to bear. Its been a wet one, with temperatures staying in the 60's for most of days, and dipping into the 40's at night. How can anyone think that living here is pleasant? I speak to friends in Vegas who are complaining about the 100+ degree temperatures, and I almost want to laugh. It could be worse!
Not only does this area offer unstable weather, but along with this weather comes the bugs. Mosquitoes will eat you alive at night if you stay out past sundown. That is, if you have bear the cold. I remember while on vacation, we noticed no bugs around. We would sit out on the balcony at night with no issues what so ever. You can't do that here in PA.
So, why move to Vegas? Maybe for my sanity.... Maybe to warm up! Or maybe I'm tired of shoveling snow that can be as tall as I am!!!

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