Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One day, two night stay!

One day, two night stay. Almost sounds like a fantasy vacation, but its actually the countdown to the move... Its amazing how something so life changing can come with so many consequences. Saying goodbye to my grandmothers today was tough. I have grown to be a part of their lives, and they mine, in the past month. I have re-united myself with my grandmother on my mom's side, and now I have to leave her. How devastating for me and her. And my other grandmother is 86... I may never see her again. That was rough saying good bye to her. For several years now I have been going down almost every weekend to see her, and now I won't be doing that anymore. I am the last of the grand children on either side of the family to move away.

On the subject of the move, packing has been quite well. I started packing the car tonight and I might be able to get all my items into it. I still have my cloths to shove in, and a few items here and there. But on the basis of readi-ness, I think I'm ready... I hopefully will be able to provide one last blog before the move tomorrow night; Last thoughts, final goodbyes to Corry. I have enabled mobile blogger, so i will be providing updates to the trip here as we travel. Hopefully be able to get some reviews in about our stops.

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