Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blue's Original Bar-B-Q

Tonight we are checking out a new Barbecue joint behind the Galleria mall in Henderson. At first the service is a bit poor. We waited about 10 minutes just to get a drink order. I ordered the Strawberry Martini, but when it came out, it was the Strawberries and Creme, which comes in a chocolate laced glass. This drink is OK, but chocolate before barbecue is just not gonna happen. After my drink was fixed, our waiter forgot our food order, and we had to order all over again! Thank goodness he got us; a more stuck up group of people would probably caused a scene.

Eventually, our food did arrive. The garlic mashed potatoes were pretty good, but that was about it. I ordered the brisket. It would be wrong to say that the food was bad. It is more accurate to say the food was mediocre at best. Overall, I do not feel we will be going back to that restaurant, at least not until they get a following.

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