Monday, December 21, 2009

Entertainment, Here I come!

And so, winter approaches Las Vegas! With Christmas days away, one can not help but get in the cheery mood and enjoy all that is happening. Time here sure has gone fast! Almost five months done living in Vegas, and I feel I have been here forever!

This weekend I was able to catch an improve style telling of A Christmas Carol. The audience chose the three Ghost before the play kicked off, and our poor Ebinezer was haunted by Elvis, Paris Hilton, and Jack Sparrow! It was performed at The Stage Door down at Towne Square, and was quite entertaining!

Last weekend we had the great privalage of seeing Train perform live! What an awesome event that was, I must say. I have also gotten the pleasure of eating at Pin Kows, which was very good, and Chilly Palmers.

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